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Cartoonist Paul Hampson by his studio in Hampshire

Paul Hampson


Paul Hampson is a cartoonist whose work features observational humour and visual wit, all in sketchy mischievous detail. His drawings have appeared in advertising campaigns for many companies including General Motors, Carlsberg Lager and Sainsbury’s, as well as in publishing, design and print.

Soft black pencil, Indian ink and bright spontaneous watercolour are Paul’s ‘old school’ materials of choice, though all his images are delivered in crisp digital detail.

Click through on the galleries above and enjoy looking around.

Contact Paul if you think he might help with your next project, or go directly to his shop – (when it’s opened shortly) to buy Giclee prints, cards and a whole variety of other items carrying his images.

cartoonist Paul Hampson for the Telegraph Magazine
Sunday Telegraph | Surgeons learning to tie knots from cartoonist Paul Hampson



Gallery 1

Above:  An illustration for The Post Office.

Some of the original drawings in this first gallery are quite recent, while others take a nostalgic delve into the best parts of Paul’s past cartoonists portfolio.

Enjoy looking and scroll on down. If you see an image that interests you, then get in touch.


1a  Sainsbury’s Magazine  |  Article about men and the speed at which they shop. From an original by Paul Hampson


2a  Golf World Magazine  |  The Lost Golf Ball | From an original by Paul Hampson


3a  Des O’Connor  |  Chapter Illustration for Des’s book – Laughter Lines | From an original by Paul Hampson
4a  Pulse Magazine  |  Article dealing with the reticent patients that Doctors meet. | From an original by Paul Hampson


5a  M&CSaatchi  |  Illustration for Business Week press ad. | From an original by Paul Hampson


6a  Michael Wolff  |  Icon illustrations for this D&AD award winning packaging range | From an original by Paul Hampson


From an original by Paul Hampson
7a  Hill House Hammond  |  Holiday Man cartoon for a poster campaign


From an original by Paul Hampson
8a Own Project  |  One of the characters we  see in the New Forest. | From an original by Paul Hampson


From an original by Paul Hampson
9a  European Commission  |  World Conference support material. | From an original by Paul Hampson


From an original by Paul Hampson
10a  Communications Week  |  Magazine Cover Image | From an original by Paul Hampson



Gallery 2

Above: The untidy GP | Pulse Magazine


Scroll on down for more samples of Paul’s Illustration.

illustration for the International Design Conference
2a  Identica  |  International Design Conference programme cartoons


illustration for the cover of Bulletin Magazine
3a  Bulletin Magazine  |  Cover illustration for the Royal College of Surgeons


illustration for Irish Ferries
4a  Irish Ferries  |  Pencil and watercolour poster illustration


illustration of scary bikers for a personal project
5a  Scary Bikers  |  The characters that we see in holiday towns throughout the UK




illustration for DR Harris characters
6a   DR Harris & Co Piccadilly London | Pencil caricatures for use on packaging




sheep illustration
7a  Pulse Magazine  |  Gambling Sheep


illustration for the Sunday Telegraph
8a  Sunday Telegraph  |  For a piece dealing with alcoholism in the medical profession


Youth Hostel illustration
9a   Scottish Youth Hostel Association  |  Poster illustration for Hamish McBear




illustration of Alfie the Cat
10a  Alfie the Cat | A personal ongoing project
illustration for IBM Advertisement
11a  IBM | Put a smile on your face.
Cartoon illustration
12a  Editorial Cartoon  |  Various publications


illustration of lady on horseback
13a  Eye to Eye   |   Puzzle book cover art
illustration for Des O'Connor's Book
14a Des O’Connor | One of thirteen mono illustrations for Des
Des O'Connor's book with cartoons illustration by Paul Hampson
15a  Des O’Connor | The drawing illustrated a Des poem entitled, ‘Mum And Dad’



Paul’s drawings will be available as limited edition Giclee prints, greetings cards and various other items. Bookmark this site and come back soon to see the range of items on offer.