Interesting commissions

Calls from publishers, agency art directors, designers and other creative people,
are always welcome. Here are a number of completed projects
from my folio to look through. If any particular illustration triggers a thought for
an upcoming project, why not get in touch.


Enjoy looking.



1  Sainsbury’s Magazine  |  Men and the speed at which they shop.


2   Identica  |  International Design Conference programme



Lost Golf Ball by cartoonist Paul Hampson

3   Golf World Magazine  |  Lost Ball


5   Des O’Connor  |  Chapter Illustration for Des’s Laughter Lines – Buy the book here

6  Pulse Magazine  |  The reticent patient, the type that Doctors meet.


7  M&CSaatchi  |  Business Week press ad.


Michael Wolff  |  D&AD award winning packaging



9   DR Harris & Co  |  Skincare Packaging Illustrations



From an original by Paul Hampson

10  Hill House Hammond  |  Poster campaign


11  Telegraph Magazine  |  Alcohol in the GP’s Surgery


From an original by Paul Hampson

12  European Commission  |  World Conference support material for Mindfully Wired Communications



Scottish Youth Hostel Association | Poster Art

13   Scottish Youth Hostel Association  |  Poster Art

14   IBM  |   Ad Illustration


From an original by Paul Hampson

15  Communications Week  |  Cover Image


17   Des O’Connor  |  One of thirteen chapter cartoons