The Grocklespotters’ Guide

A collectors’ item and limited edition.

I recently joined forces with my friend Ian Thew to create a book about the people, characters, traits and traditions here in the New Forest, Few have survived the pen and pencil of the two of us, nor have they escaped their irreverent observations and the frankly sometimes cruel depictions of the types we all see in this area of outstanding natural beauty. For those interested in ordering a coveted copy of this fresh from the press book, please express and interest by clicking the contact button and leaving your details






Together with a friend of mine who ‘writes an excellent story’, we have finally completed our first book together. Ian Thew writes engaging and informative short pieces for local and national magazines and is well know for his humorous turn of phrase. His knowledge of the New Forest area, its flora, fauna and wildlife is considerable. Together, Paul and Ian have created a light-hearted observation of a season in the Forest.